The Secret Battle of Ideas Professional Development Curriculum

Professional Development Curriculum for Schools

According to a 20-year Barna survey, only 1 in 5 Christians has a biblical worldview. And among those who don’t hold to a biblical worldview, most have unknowingly adopted beliefs taught by worldviews that are openly hostile to the Christian faith. Through a recent Barna-Summit survey, we found that the ideas inherent in secularism, Marxism, Islam, new spirituality, and postmodernism have spread like viruses, infecting both non-believers and believers alike.

The Secret Battle of Ideas about God is a professional development course designed specifically for school administrators and teachers. Participants will examine both the concept of a worldview and their own worldview. Based on The Secret Battle of Ideas about God book, this course explores how today’s competing worldviews answer some of life’s most significant questions:

Secret Battle of Ideas about God Professional Development Curriculum

  1. Am I loved?
  2. Why do I hurt?
  3. Does life have meaning?
  4. Why can’t we all just get along?
  5. Is there any hope for the world?

The Secret Battle of Ideas about God is a CEU course that shines a light on the bad ideas that have been infecting Christians for decades. You will explore the origins of these ideas, how they formulate worldviews, and the havoc they have wrought in our current post-Christian society. Finally, we compare these non-biblical ideas to the truths taught in Scripture and make the case for why Christianity supplies the best answers to life’s most important questions.