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Dr. Roger Erdvig to Join Summit Team, 2023

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Author of Beyond Biblical Integration, Dr. Roger Erdvig, to join the Summit Ministries team in the summer of 2023. 

Dr. Roger Erdvig is zealously committed to helping Christian schools cultivate a biblical worldview in emerging generations. 

He has been researching and teaching biblical worldview formation for over 25 years as an ordained minister, homeschool conference speaker, Christian school leader, university professor, and—most importantly—as a dad and grandfather. Roger’s doctoral dissertation and other writings on biblical worldview have become an important groundwork for educators working with children, youth, and emerging adults.

Beyond Biblical Integration Book

Beyond Biblical Integration: Immersing you and your students in a biblical worldview

Many Christian schools claim to produce graduates with a strong, biblical worldview. But many of today’s Christian educators are unable to articulate what a biblical worldview is. In this book, Dr. Roger Erdvig explains—in practical and easy-to-understand language—why biblical worldview development is the central key to accomplishing your school’s mission.