PAQ IconBiblical worldview integration is the distinguishing feature of Christian education.

In some form or another, this terminology is used to describe the mission and vision of most Christian schools. Conferences, seminars, and in-services have given insight into the definition, but the implementation of daily classroom application continues to be a challenge.

Christian schools provide many routines and experiences that create a Christian culture, such as prayer, Bible study, and Chapel. Such activities are beneficial and should remain. But in today’s post-Christian, social media ridden society, they will not suffice to stand against the multitude of voices vying for the hearts and minds of students.

Annie recently completed her Doctoral Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Columbia International University. Her research is centered on ways to integrate biblical truth into classroom instruction through instructional coaching.

Known as the PAQ for Biblically Integrated Instruction, this training program guides teachers in planning and teaching lessons, which foster students’ critical analysis of content from a biblical worldview. Schools that have participated in PAQ have seen teachers apply the principles the very next day in the classroom.

PAQ stands for: Purpose, Assumptions, and Questions.

The PAQ instructional strategies are designed to:

  • Establish the biblical PURPOSE for content
  • Focus on worldview ASSUMPTIONS in curriculum content
  • Ask worldview QUESTIONS applying a biblical perspective

PAQ training is a unique professional development solution

  • Onsite Options Tailored for Each School
    • Biblical Worldview Integration Training—single or multi-day events
    • Instructional Coaching for Biblical Worldview Integration
    • Instructional Coaching Program Development
    • Instructional Coaching Training for Biblical Worldview Integration
    • Instructional Coaching Program Support and Consultation

PAQ Training Intended Outcomes

  • Teacher Confidence with Worldview Integration
  • Practical Understanding of How To’s for Biblical Worldview Integration
  • Working Knowledge of Instructional Strategies for Biblical Worldview Integration
  • Intentionality with Planning and Teaching

PAQ Resources Provided to Schools to Sustain Biblical Worldview Integration

  • Rubrics
  • Participant Workbooks
  • Templates for Planning and Teaching

For further information on the options available for your school, use this form to contact the curriculum team.