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Building on the Rock Testimonials

We’ve always gotten great responses for our curriculum, but since we released out updated edition of Building on the Rock (BOTR), the positive responses have been overwhelming. Take a look at our reviews for yourself!


Building on the Rock is totally different from any curriculum that we’ve had before. It’s different than just teaching a Bible lesson and moving on. It’s something that you want them [students] to grasp for eternity—forever. With Building on the Rock we know that we are doing the best that we can to help the students understand what a biblical worldview means and to look at the whole world through the glasses of the Bible.

— Christy Herrmann, Second Grade Teacher, Peoria Christian School, Peoria, IL


When I found BOTR, I was just blown away. How much there was there, how deep it was, how solid it was in its approach and in its teaching – the theology to it is very solid, very bible-based, very Christ-centered in everything it does. My teachers are excited that they have something worth teaching. It’s transformational for these students. It’s so user-friendly in how it’s set up – that it just walks you through exactly what you want. It’s easy to navigate.

— John Dyson, Middle School Bible Teacher & Chaplain, First Baptist Academy, Houston, TX


Building on the Rock has been a great asset in fulfilling our vision to help students “acquire a Biblical worldview evident by faith in Jesus Christ.” We’ve had more children come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in recent years than ever before, and know these conversations are beginning in Bible class.

—Doug Buller, Administrator, Warsaw Christian School, Warsaw, IN


With Building on the Rock, we are no longer just telling Bible Stories. We are effectively training up students who are equipped to live in a world where biblical truth and values are challenged.

— Leigh Ledet, Elementary Principal, Concord Christian School, Knoxville, TN


We were looking for a means to help our students absorb God’s Word and apply it to their lives. With this curriculum, our teachers are able to lead discussions that further daily application of Biblical precepts. In short, it has caused much growth in our students’ ability to understand the difference between God’s laws and man’s laws, as well as where they fit in the meta-narrative of the Bible. Thank you for helping make our Bible Study relevant!

— Dorace Lynch, Principal, Vacaville Christian Elementary School, Vacaville, CA


BOTR is encouraging kids to think and ask questions about who God is, what His Kingdom is about, and how He wants to live in their life and be a part of that. It’s getting kids to make the relationships with Jesus their own, and not just something in a workbook.

— Karen Bjur, Co-Superintendent & Elementary Principal, Liberty Christian School, Richland, WA


One of the things I’ve been most pleased with is how what the students are learning in Bible is spilling over into other areas. BOTR is so worldview focused. We really feel like this was the piece – the worldview component – that was missing in our other curriculum….making sure children understand what they believe, why they believe it, and be able to stand on that when they’re not right here with us.

— Bettyann Collinsworth, Elementary Principal, Prince Avenue Christian School, Bogart, GA


I LOVE BOTR!  I especially love the updated color student books and the new consolidated teacher’s guide for first grade!  I really appreciate the effort you took to put more content into the student books. They are such a valuable tool!

— Tracy Villers, First Grade Teacher, Valley Christian


Parents are amazed with the vocabulary and understanding that their children bring to conversations at home.

Amber Lail, Director of Academics, The Christ School Orlando, FL


BOTR has been an excellent step up for us with our elementary curriculum. What my teachers are telling me is that they love the discussions that are taking place out of the curriculum. They feel the lessons have excellent content, and the outcome is excellent discussion. It’s more than just a session in the course of a day – it’s having life impact.

— Darin Kindle, Administrator, Christian Life School, Farmington, MN


Our response to BOTR has been super. The teachers are excited about it and absolutely love it. We’ve heard a lot of good reports from parents. The students are enjoying it. As a Classical Christian school, we’re always looking for materials that really fit in with the grammar, logic, and rhetoric levels. And that’s one of the things we have found super about BOTR.

— Beverley White, Curriculum Coordinator, Providence Academy, Johnson City, TN


Our students are able to understand at a very early age WHY we believe what we believe and the nature and character of Christ and how we begin to implement that in our own lives. Some 6th grade students told their teachers recently that they’re having to think – that’s what we adopted BOTR to accomplish.

— Lynn Little, Principal, Providence Academy, Johnson City, TN


Our teachers are so excited about the deep discussions the Building on the Rock Bible curriculum leads to. It definitely keeps us on our toes and buried in the Word.

— Chris Bird, Elementary Principal, Tri-City Christian School, Vista, CA