Building on the Rock FAQs


How long will it take for us to work through each book?

Each book contains 34 weeks of teaching material with four lessons per week, each of which will take 25-45 minutes depending on teaching style. This allows for review, testing, or chapel on day 5. You are, of course, welcome to modify the lesson plan to suit your needs. You may want to skip the Bible survey component if you are meeting only a few times a week.

Can I use the books with more than one child at a time?

For Building on the Rock, you will need a student manual for each student, but one teacher manual for each grade will contain everything you need to teach all of the students in that grade.

I need a course that I can use for students in multiple grades. What would you suggest?

What We Believe (what Ben suggests on the phone) (do we get paid for this? Ask Aaron)

Do these books require heavy preparation time to teach?

Typically it takes only around 5-10 minutes to grasp the daily lesson plan, which is designed to be taught in 25-45 minutes.

Do I need a teacher’s manual to teach this course?

Yes; this course is designed to be taught with an instructor in the room, and the lesson plans are outlined in the teacher’s manual.

Does this course include a Bible survey component?

Yes it does!

What Bible translation does this curriculum use?

This curriculum uses primarily the English Standard Version (ESV), but it also occasionally uses the International Children’s Bible.

What is the denominational perspective of the curriculum?

Summit does not belong to any particular denomination, so curriculum is from a denomination-neutral perspective as well. For a more detailed explanation of Summit’s theological approach, see (the general FAQ page or the statement of beliefs page, whichever we decide)

What is the House of Truth?

The House of Truth is a large plastic model of a building that you will build throughout the year. Each color of blocks represents a set of biblical truths. As you work through the curriculum each year, you will build the house of truth model from the ground up. It’s a great idea to have this out in your classroom all year so that students can see the house take shape.

What have you heard from parents about their experiences using these books with their children?

You can find reviews for Building on the Rock on our testimonials page.

Does this course come with lesson plans?

Yes; the teachers manual comes with 4 lesson plans a week.

We just started homeschooling and won’t finish the entire series before moving on to middle school. Is that okay? (starting in 3rd grade)

Absolutely; Building on the Rock is a spiral curriculum, and as such all 20 biblical truths are covered at each grade level. (Ben: ask Jason about scope and sequence for BOTR, old one is better)

Will I need to supplement the series with other materials?

No you will not; everything you need to teach this course successfully is included in our materials.

Are tests included/answer keys?

Tests are included in the teachers manual, and answer keys are included as well but are not always included in the early grades due to the nature of the questions.

How is Building on the Rock different from What We Believe?

The What We Believe Series was designed as a homeschool/family version of Building on the Rock; Building on the Rock is generally used in schools, although with the new revision is also suitable for homeschool use. The What We Believe Series is self-paced and can be used over 2-4 years; Building on the Rock is designed to be used over six years. The What We Believe Series does not contain the Bible survey component; Building on the Rock includes a Bible survey component for each year. Students will walk through the grand metanarrative of Scripture over six years.

Do you have a curriculum for preschool or Kindergarten?

Not at this time, unfortunately.