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The Internet & The Soul [Free Webinar]

Is there a Christian way to engage with technology? While placing ever-increasing demands on our time, many of our time-saving devices are putting up walls between us even as they promise to connect us further.

In this month’s Summit Forum at 11 a.m. (MDT), Tuesday, October 25, Summit Alumni Director Paige Gutacker will be sharing about Christian formation and the worldview-tug of Internet-enabled technologies. 

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Will You Stand With Me?

Dr. Jeff Myers

So many Christians are desperate for answers to life’s biggest questions. They’re facing withering assaults on their faith unlike anything I’ve seen in my lifetime. Far too many grow weary and faint just at the time when society most needs leaders advancing a biblical worldview.

Operation Cross the Line is our chance to give a lasting gift to the rising generation by immediately making plans to train 3,000 students a year — a 60% increase — to step across the line to be courageous, truth-loving leaders. 

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Some Good News and Some Bad News…

Stand in the Gap

We have a big problem. Donations are at their lowest in five years.

The culture needs Summit more than ever. As a partner, you are helping change America one young leader at a time. Your support enables me to say “YES” to highly-qualified students regardless of their ability to pay. The gap is about $200 per student.

Will you help me end the year strong? A gift of any amount helps keep Summit strong so we can equip this generation to turn the tide. 

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Mormonism: Will it Survive? [Free Webinar]

Brett Kunkle

For many Christians, the thought of conversing with our Mormon coworkers, neighbors, and friends about our different faiths is incredibly intimidating. What do Mormons believe, and how is it different from what Christians believe?

Thankfully, Stand to Reason’s Brett Kunkle isn’t intimidated. And he’s got an awesome track record of helping others learn how to similarly engage Mormons fearlessly and winsomely.

This month, Summit brings you a chance to learn from Brett’s vast experience at the crossroads of apologetics and evangelism. Tune in free at 3:30 p.m. (Mountain), Wednesday, August 24 for the Summit Forum, Mormonism: Will it Survive?

The webinar has passed — watch the replay of Mormonism: Will it Survive? here.

Have a question for Brett? Tweet us at @summitmn (use #SummitForum) or email, and we’ll ask him on air! 

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Free eBook Download! The Battle of Worldviews

The Battle of Worldviews ebook cover

You’ll never be at loss to defend your faith with this free eBook.

What we understand about God and the world affects what we believe about everything else. The Battle of Worldviews is an insightful guide to discerning the ideas and forces shaping our culture today.

Easy-to-read and understand, this free handbook will inform and inspire your biblical worldview.

You’ll be introduced to the six dominant worldviews of today, including Christianity, which this insightful eBook reveals as rock solid truth.

Download your free eBook immediately.

This eBook is a chapter excerpt from Understanding the Times. You can purchase the entire book on the Summit Bookstore. 

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A New Season of Influence: An Update on Tripling Summit’s Capacity

Dr. Jeff Myers

Two years from now, with your help, Summit will be transformed from a life-changing summer program into a year-round nerve center through which not only students but also pastors, teachers, and other influencers will be equipped to stand for truth in culture. Read my blog post to see how opening Summit in the winter will triple our capacity and for an update on the three phases set (and almost finished!) to complete the dream. 

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Summit on the Cusp of Tripled Capacity

Summit on the Cusp of Tripled Capacity

To meet the growing need for worldview training throughout the church, Summit is seeking to “lengthen the cords and strengthen the stakes” of its ministry. This includes renovating Summit’s antique hotel to winterize it for year-round use and triple its capacity. To finish the renovation project and become a year-round nerve center to teach and mentor both young and old, Summit needs $2.2 million to complete the final phase of construction.  

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Former Soldier Now Enters the Battlefield of the Mind

Former Soldier Now Enters the Battlefield of the Mind

After five years on active duty in the Marine Corps, Summit alumnus Tim Khan attended a Summit conference and Summit Semester and realized no other boot camp could prepare him better than Summit boot camp–the boot camp for the heart and the mind. Summit has supplanted a culture of death with a culture of life and given him renewed hope in the goodness of God, which is present even in a fallen world. 

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How Do We Answer Those Tough Questions?

Dr. Jeff Myers

One of the most pressing questions people ask about our two-week programs at Summit is how we handle issues like same-sex marriage, sexual brokenness, and masculinity/femininity. It’s one of my favorite questions to answer because our team does an outstanding job working with students on these tough subjects, both intellectually and emotionally, and we’re seeing dramatic growth in students’ lives. 

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