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Thinking in Church Before the Academy

Church & the Academy

This article by detective J. Warner Wallace does a great job of highlighting a shortcoming in the church today. Wallace points out that there has been an increased interest in apologetics at a university level in the last few years, even while the number of students who leave the church after high school stays quite high. This is not to suggest that students are deciding to study apologetics in college and then, after their training,… Read More →Thinking in Church Before the Academy

Rhythm and Rest

By Nathan Davis (Illinois) I find that while I’ve spent some time here at Summit Semester I’ve begun asking big questions once again. Unlike other big questions I’ve had, these stem from beginning to understand how to think clearly, not from confusion. I think I owe much of this to two things which are built into Summit Semester: rhythm and rest. While Semester allows many typical freedoms, it also offers another form of freedom: structure. … Read More →Rhythm and Rest

When God First Conceived of a “Professor,” He had this Man in Mind

By Kate Staub (Colorado) “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me, and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin Dr. Bauman walked in, a sweater vest and belted up jeans draping his slouched figure. Apparently weary from a day of travel, he was quiet, and no doubt worn from the thought of what awaited him (coaxing out, ambushing, and deconstructing his students’ collective and individual thoughtlessness). He was obviously a teacher; one… Read More →When God First Conceived of a “Professor,” He had this Man in Mind

Lead Me to the Cross

By Kate Lewis (Texas) Hiking to the Cross, which is perched on a hill looking down onto Snow Wolf Lodge, was one of the most physically challenging experiences hikes we have had while at Summit Semester thus far. The trail started off fairly level, but quickly became steep and remained so for a long distance. I certainly felt as though my lungs were about to explode and my legs about to give out during the… Read More →Lead Me to the Cross

Adventure Day!

By Isaac Hans (Indiana) Choose-your-own Adventure Day! Each and every Monday here at Summit Semester we have what we call adventure day, where we take a break from studying to have an adventure out in creation. This past Monday we had a choose-your-own-adventure day and split into different groups around the area. There were some that went and climbed a 14,000-foot mountain, a handful that hiked to a waterfall, and a group that explored the… Read More →Adventure Day!

Changes and Adjustments

By Stephanie Bourg (Illinois) Any time there is a change in life, it is an adjustment. Sometimes that adjustment happens quickly and smoothing and you hardly even notice. Other times it is a very slow and drawn out process and it can seem like you will never get to where you want to be. For me (and probably everyone else), coming to Semester has been a big adjustment in many ways. Some of the biggest… Read More →Changes and Adjustments

Transgender Research Not Welcome

Transgender Research Not Welcome

Colson Center President John Stonestreet brings up an interesting piece of research by Dr. Lisa Littman, a professor in behavioral and social sciences at Brown University. Dr. Littman determined that the number of people who identify themselves as transgender has gone up drastically in recent years, especially in friend groups that have already experienced one member identify as transgender. It seems, based on her research, that this increase is more like a trend used to cope with… Read More →Transgender Research Not Welcome

Why Don’t Christians do Miracles Today?

Why Don't Christians do Miracles Today?

At Stand to Reason, Tim Barnett’s short video provides excellent advice for interpreting John 14. Tim explains how if we look at the rest of the New Testament and the early church, we will find that no one actually believed all Christians were supposed to perform miracles. Instead, Tim argues, it makes more sense to interpret Jesus’ words to mean that we, believers in Christ, would do “greater works” than he did in the sense that… Read More →Why Don’t Christians do Miracles Today?

Chinese Child Policy Repercussions

Chinese Child Policy Repercussions

Over at BreakPoint, our friend and Summit faculty member John Stonestreet offers an interesting update on the repercussions of the child policies in China. Stonestreet notes that the famous one child limit was raised to a two child limit a few years ago, and now Chinese officials are even trying to incentivize people to have more children. Now that the former fears about population control are subsiding, China is starting to see the serious negative impact that… Read More →Chinese Child Policy Repercussions

Jefferson Misinterpreted

Jefferson Misinterpreted

Founder of Stand Strong Ministries and Summit faculty member Jason Jimenez brings to light some fascinating historical insight to the discussion surrounding the separation of church and state in a recent article on his website. He shows that the phrase “separation of church and state” actually first came from Christians who were concerned that the government would become overly involved in their business. The point here was to protect the church from the influence and pressure of… Read More →Jefferson Misinterpreted

Is Life on Earth Unique?

Is Life on Earth Unique?

Colson Center President and Summit faculty member John Stonestreet brings to our attention some interesting new research about the uniqueness of life here on earth. Stonestreet cites a recent paper by researchers at Oxford that highlights how life on other planets may not be nearly as likely as many people think. Why is there so much interest, especially in the scientific community, about whether or not there is intelligent life in other parts of the universe? Could it… Read More →Is Life on Earth Unique?

Sean McDowell on the Old Testament & Dennis Prager

Old Testament Reliability

Summit speaker Sean McDowell offers a few thoughts on the Old Testament after reading Dennis Prager’s The Rational Bible. Prager and McDowell seem to agree that there are a many characteristics of the Torah that show its originality, reliability, and divine origin. These characteristics include new theological ideas such as a universal God (as opposed to the local deities of individual people groups), a God who is moral and beyond nature, and universal human value. Additionally, there are a… Read More →Sean McDowell on the Old Testament & Dennis Prager