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Planned Parenthood, ISIS, same-sex marriage, and transgenderism. We live in a culture of controversy. The 2015 Summit Essentials DVD Set is the best of Summit in one box — addressing the hottest topics of the year by the finest biblical teachers you know and trust.

This collection gives you six of Summit’s best lectures from 2015, discussing the resurrection, the biblical response to abortion, Islam, homosexuality, and the Christian worldview from the foremost Christian teachers on these and other topics.

You and your family will be better prepared to understand and discuss these culture-shaping topics from a solid biblical standpoint.

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2015 Summit Essentials Includes:

The Truth About Islam
by Abdu MurrayWith Islam dominating the headlines and the world stage, understanding this worldview is an evangelistic imperative. Abdu Murray, from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, helps us make sense of the major tenants of this volatile belief system.

The Christian Response to Homosexuality
by Dr. Christopher Yuan

With the recent Supreme Court decision, the LGBT debate has emerged as a challenging issue for the future. Through grace and humility, Dr. Yuan shares his testimony and practical, compassionate guidance for you to better understand this topic from a biblical perspective.

Truth Under Fire
by Mindy Belz

With the ongoing refugee controversy, few topics have captured our hearts like the persecution of Christians around the world. Having traveled to these areas and met with those involved, Mindy Belz shares the powerful stories of our brothers and sisters in Europe and the Middle East.

Christian Worldview in Action
by Dr. Jeff Myers
Your faith means nothing if it’s a secret faith. Fully updated and revised for 2015, Dr. Myers shows you how to put your faith in action in today’s tumultuous world.The Case for Life
by Scott Klusendorf
With astounding clarity, Scott Klusendorf explains how you can stand for life more effectively in 2016 and beyond. You’ll be amazed by the latest developments in the fight for life.

The Case for the Resurrection
by Dr. Gary Habermas
Powerful teaching from New Testament historian Dr. Habermas taking on the question: are the Gospels historically reliable? You’ll gain new biblical insight on how to share your faith in today’s culture.