Secrets Courses

Raising up leaders in a culture that needs them most!

The world is in great need for leaders of all ages to step up.  Leadership, great communication, and influence are keys to becoming a great leader. In these three courses, Dr. Jeff Myers shares the formula for great leadership in a time and culture that needs it most. Great for homeschool families, church groups, or individuals looking to improve these critical skills, the Secrets Courses will cultivate world changers, great communicators, and everyday leaders. Each learning kit comes with a DVD series, CD teaching guide, and student text. Additional student texts are available in the webstore.

All “Secrets” Courses are designed for High School and above.

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Secrets of World Changers

Secrets of the World ChangersIn this six inspiring DVD sessions of Secrets of World Changers, Jeff Myers points out that individuals who make the biggest difference for God are not necessarily born with unusual talents, boundless energy, or exemplary social skills. Rather, they are people—sometimes quite ordinary—who grasp a vision for what God can do and who know the way to influence others.

By completion you’ll know:

  • How to expand your influence by living out servant leadership
  • Practical steps to create a strategic vision
  • Embracing Go-sized truths that give you confidence in life’s purpose
  • Strategies to overcome stress and achieve balance in every day circumstances
  • Methods for organizing your life to grow your influence
  • Refreshing ways to conquer the challenges you’ll face

The accompanying CD offers step-by-step guidance for facilitating group discussions and teaching classes based on the video presentations. Put these principles to work, and revolutionize a few things for God, right where you are!

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Secrets of Great Communicators

Secrets of Great CommunicatorsPatrick Henry. Teddy Roosevelt. Winston Churchill.

These are the names of men who have not only been inspiring leaders, but inspiring public speakers. Whether you seek to be as great as these men, or would just like to improve your daily speaking skills, this six-session DVD and student guide help you become confident speaking in any situation.

Under Dr. Myers’ direction, you will:

  • Recognize and overcome your inner conflicts with public speaking
  • Discover how to better public speaking will help you achieve your highest goals
  • Learn the best ways to organize a speech for maximum impact
  • Find ways to reach the heart of your audience
  • Realize skills that will help you deliver a speech with confidence

Learn how to calm your fears, organize your thoughts, connect with an audience and more. An accompanying CD gives detailed guidance for group discussions and teaching principles.

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Secrets-LeadersSecrets of Everyday Leaders

For better or for worse, influence is a powerful tool in the hands of anyone savvy enough to wield it. In 12 teaching sessions, Dr. Jeff Myers lays out the principles of developing leadership skills necessary to bring about change, and how to remain effective once you’re in a leadership role.

Upon completion, you’ll be able to:

  • Unleash your vision as a leader
  • Conquer apathy and move followers to effective action
  • Resolve conflicts among people in your group

Find the key to change things for the better! A bonus CD with group discussion guidance and teaching classes is included.

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