Perspectives: A Summit Ministries Series

Perspectives is a new series of books brought to you by Summit Ministries and Baker Books.

This series is a collection of works that will help readers experience God’s truth in all aspects of life. As a result, our prayer is that readers will become champions of a biblical worldview who will pass their faith on to rising generations with grace and truth.

Perspectives brings together biblical experts who can walk alongside readers, exploring the most challenging issues of our day. This series will help you, your family, and your church to think biblically about every area of life.

Challenging Conversations: A Practical Guide to Discuss Controversial Topics in the Church

Now Available

When was the last time you had an honest, heartfelt, yet kind and productive conversation with someone about depression, mental illness, substance abuse, pornography, premarital sex, racism, divorce, abortion, LGBT issues, or politics? Our tendency is either to avoid talking about such volatile topics at all—even with other Christians—or to go on the attack, causing rifts that do nothing to encourage further discussion or growth. 

But there is a better way.

Christians are called to live like Jesus. This means engaging in difficult conversations. It means pursuing truth while demonstrating unconditional love for one another. Jason Jimenez walks us through tactics help us discuss even the most difficult topics within the church.

Why You Matter: How the Quest for Meaning is Meaningless without God

Available Now

We all desire to know if our life has any meaning.

Does our value come from what we produce? Maybe from what we do for others? Or can we earn it at all? 

Many might say “of course not, our value is intrinsic!” But how did they arrive at this conclusion? In a secular world, can we actually have intrinsic meaning without God?

With humor and real-life experience, pastor and author Michael Sherrard walks with readers on the quest for meaning. His conclusions may not be what you expect, but you’ll find yourself more aware than ever of our need for God. 

We all long for significance. And it might only be found where we least expect it.

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