Grow Together Small Group Study

gtBring life changing mentorship to your Small Group!

Grow Together shows how to ignite powerful spiritual growth through church unity across the generations, helping one another answer Life’s 3 Hungers. Dr. Jeff Myers reveals through Grow Together, the groundbreaking yet timeless message about the world-changing power of a “life-on-life mentoring mindset.” Leading Christian voices have recently reported the power of generational relationships within the church. This is nothing new to Summit Ministries which successfully teaches the power of “the double helix” — relationships and biblical worldview wound together like a strand of faith-strengthening DNA. Learn this power of this life-on-life mentoring model alongside your small group!

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The small group study package includes:

  • One Grow Together Film with Jeff Myers, Josh McDowell, Ravi Zacharias, and other Christian leaders.
  • One Grow Together Book by Dr. Jeff Myers, a practical guide to understanding and applying life-on-life relational concepts.
  • One Grow Together Small Group Study Guide to walk people through the material in small groups.
  • One Grow Together Magazine with insightful teaching and inspiring examples of life-on-life relationships.