Grow Together for Churches

Life changing mentoring for your church!

The Celebration Workshop is a three-hour event for everyone from 12 to 92. Anchored by the film Grow Together, it will explore ways to become more intentional about building powerful relationships between young and old throughout the church. All materials are provided so you can host a celebration workshop.

The Grow Together Church Kit gives you everything you need to lead a 3-hour celebration workshop and four small group studies unlocking the dynamic principles of life-on-life relationships.ssi_growtogether_box

The kit includes:

  • The Grow Together Film with Jeff Myers, Josh McDowell, and other Christian leaders.
  • The Grow Together Book by Dr. Jeff Myers, a practical guide to understanding and applying life-on-life relational concepts.
  • The Grow Together Celebration Workshop Guide for launching a Grow Together campaign in your church.
  • The Grow Together Small Group Study Guide to walk people through the material in small groups.
  • The Grow Together Magazine with insightful teaching and inspiring examples of life-on-life relationships.
  • Sermon, notes, bulletin inserts, and other promotional material for the whole church on CD-ROM.

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TAKE ACTION on what you learn in this series! Start to bring genuine hope and help to young people in your church and the greater community with guidance from the Christian Association of Youth Mentoring (CAYM).

Their proven strategies and tools have equipped hundreds of churches around the country—and will provide all you need to easily start your own church or community cross-generational mentoring ministry. CAYM assists you in creating an environment for safe and effective intentional relationships along with providing necessary programming, strategies, and ongoing support that will connect the generations in your church and community—building the kingdom, one person at a time!

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