Grow Together: The Forgotten Story of How Uniting the Generations Unleashes Epic Spiritual Potential

Unite the generations in your church, school, home, and community.

Grow Together by Dr. Jeff Myers takes readers on a sweeping journey to better understand what has brought the church to a sad state of decline and outlines a proven way to turn things around for our congregations, cities, and civilization. It considers the role of different generations in the church and the church in the culture. It introduces many people whose grasp (or ignorance) of the core truths discussed here affected the very course of history.

Something special happens when all of God’s people – teens, adults, seniors – do life together. Grow Together shows how to ignite powerful spiritual growth through multigenerational unity within the church, helping one another find satisfying answers to life’s 3 hungers – truth, identity, and meaning.  Dr. Myers explores the groundbreaking yet timeless message about the world-changing power of a “mentoring mindset.” As older Christians bless the young with life-long wisdom, they too are blessed by the energy and fresh perspective that youth brings to life and faith.

This is nothing new to Summit Ministries, which successfully teaches the power of “the double helix” – relationships and the truth of a biblical worldview wound together like a strand of faith-strengthening DNA.

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