Joshua Platillero (Session 1)

Student Conference Joshua Platillero 2016 TN Session 1Knoxville, Tennessee | 22 years old

My name is Joshua Platillero. I’m from Knoxville, TN. I also spent 10 years of my life in Spain as a missionary kid. My dad runs a bible school with Torchbearers International. When I was 5 years old I told my dad I wanted to accept Jesus into my heart. I prayed with him but I don’t remember truly understanding the Gospel at that time. Throughout the next couple of years I was a prideful and selfish kid, always thinking about myself. Thankfully when I was 13, I started to read the Bible and pray without Mom and Dad telling me too. As I was seeking, God showed me what the Gospel truly meant and I repented of my sins and turned to Christ. Since then, I have made many mistakes but God’s amazing grace has kept me going.

I’m currently 22. I just graduated from college and I have been at Summit for the first time. I have been wanting to come to Summit for many years and God opened the door this year. I have really been enjoying my time. The classes have been excellent, I have been impressed by the brilliance of many of the speakers, it has been like a luxury banquet for my brain. From theology to science to economics, I have learned how a Christian should view the world. I am already feeling better prepared to face the world and shine for truth.

Even better than the classes, has been the fellowship. I came hoping to meet other young Christians and create constructive relationships. It’s great to be around so many others who have a passion for Christ. Connecting with other students has been encouraging for my faith. I hope these relationships will be lifelong as we journey through this evil world and try to advance the Kingdom of Christ.

Summit also answered some of my questions on what Christians should do with homosexuality. Hearing the story of Christopher Yuan, who was once gay, who became a Christian and turned from his sin. Summit has been a wonderful experience so far. I would strongly advise any young person struggling with Christianity to come. Your questions will be answered.