Jason Poarch – Summit Tennessee Faculty

Jason PoarchHow do we seek truth? What is wisdom? What is imago Dei? What is beauty? What is Goodness? Can you forgive? How do we love? What is stewardship? What is marriage? What is brokenness? What is culture? What is citizenship? What is Truth? What is ambition?

These questions and more have been the focus of each day and lecture here at Summit Tennessee. They speak forth the questions of our culture, the creed of where people stand. Augustine claims, “Culture is not a reflection of a people’s race, ethnicity, folklore, language, or heritage. Rather, it is an outworking of a people’s creed. In other words, culture is the temporal manifestation of a people’s faith.” Most of the time these questions are answered in very poor ways.  Here at Summit, they aren’t.

My wife and I come to Summit because Summit has a history of loving 2 things: students and ideas. In fact, it is said that Summit speakers need to love the students more than the ideas on which they speak. This is highly important in our deeply broken world. When it comes to education, we must seek to redeem and restore image-bearers before we expect teaching and growth to happen. It’s the two sides of Dr. Myer’s DNA double helix: Truth and Relationship. 

Strangely enough, it may be working the opposite way now. The more you learn about the work Summit speakers do in the world, the more you realize how hard and wearing that work is. I’ve seen the students notice this for the first time here at Summit Tennessee.

There have been speakers during the last two weeks deeply in need of encouragement, love, and prayer (because of the years of hard work, fighting evil, and doing good), and the students have loved them, and prayed for them, and encouraged them. The other night, I watched half of the entire audience jump up in a split-second to pray for and lay hands on one of the speakers after their talk. It was astounding and spirit-filled. The students were ready to respond to the talk in love. That is one of the biggest lessons to learn in life, and they learned it, here at Summit Tennessee.