Daniel Robb (Session 2)

Summit Student Conference Daniel Robb 2016 Tennessee Session 2Auckland, New Zealand | 19 years old

When I first heard about Summit I wasn’t quite certain of what to expect. Especially when I considered the long journey that had to take place between New Zealand and America. However, when I decided to attend Summit and looked more into what it was, I was encouraged to know that it would help and equip me more in being able to share my faith on my university campus, as well as give me the opportunity to discover and build new relationships with fellow Christians on the other side of the world.

This past year I struggled with finding out how I could share and defend my faith while at the university and I have been greatly encouraged by the various speakers and their talks on worldviews as well as apologetics. The experiences and views shared here at Summit have really given me a foundation from which to build on. Especially concerning the various tactics to use when engaging with non-Christians.

Summit has encouraged and grown me through the relationships I have started here and the talks presented by the various speakers that I normally would not hear on a day to day basis, let alone meet face to face. Summit has been not only an encouragement but also a great stepping stone for me.