Sergei Kelley

By: Sergei Kelly, MI

My time at Summit can be summarized as pursuing and learning to share Truth in a Christ-like manner to any and everyone.

The information presented at Summit Tennessee is a received relay baton. It is meant to be passed on, the program itself was just one training session to go over the race plan. The tools and training in two short weeks are preparation to carry that baton, to run with it in strength, acuity, and precision, and to place into the next hand.

The greatest part of Summit is not only the wealth of knowledge and information poured over us but the training we received on how to study. I now know how to share this knowledge by combining truth and love.

In the first few lectures, myself and my peers were told, “behind every worldview is a person.” This hit my heart. Too often today this is missed. Whether it is from the political left pundits or many conservatives, no matter how we agree with them, they underscore this truth. Summit taught us, from the Bible, that we cannot just set our aim to win minds, but hearts also.

This was reinforced in practically almost every Summit lecture and my most enjoyable and savoring part of the two weeks was when Jeff Myers spoke of “Discovering Your Design.”

In this wonderful discussion, Myers told how seeing and identifying what God has done in our lives not only reinforces that He loves us, but that He is the author. God wrote into me, into everyone, tools, abilities, and blessings. He gave us an outline of how to discover these things, many of which are self-evident, but we rest in greater appreciation when we point duly back to our Creator.

Summit was a time and place where heavy topics were discussed, comradery was abounding, friendships were formed, and a toolbox was built and filled. I will not forget this program or surely the many notes.