King’s Announces New Scholarship for Summit Ministries Students

King’s Announces New Scholarship for Summit Ministries Students

Written By: Rebecca Au-Mullaney, The King’s College

The King’s College is pleased to announce that Summit Ministries alumni who enroll at King’s are now eligible for an annual $1500 scholarship.

Summit Ministries exists to “equip and support the rising generation to embrace God’s truth and champion a biblical worldview.” This dovetails with The King’s College mission to transform society “through its commitment to the truths of Christianity and a biblical worldview.”

Assistant Vice President of Admissions Noah Hunter says, “Summit’s worldview development programs are excellent preparation for life in New York City. This new scholarship acknowledges that Summit students take their convictions seriously and will align well with the Christian mission of The King’s College. The King’s College has graduated a number of students who participated in Summit Ministries, but the scholarship is new.”

Dr. David Talcott, associate professor of philosophy, has collaborated with Summit Ministries in the past and encouraged the partnership.

Talcott says, “Like King’s, Summit Ministries cares about both the minds and the hearts of their students. Their intellectually rich worldview curriculum and their life-shaping conferences and retreats have nurtured Christian students for decades.”

Talcott continues, “At King’s, our robust core curriculum helps students become intellectually well-grounded in Biblical truth and our community life helps students develop as whole persons, prepared for faithful, humble, and ambitious Christian living in every arena. Our required core courses in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, where we apply a robust biblical worldview to the urgent questions of today, makes TKC-Summit a perfect fit.”

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must apply and be admitted to The King’s College and show proof that they have attended a Summit Ministries conference. This scholarship can be combined with the Presidential Scholarship but not with the full-tuition Founders Scholarship, and it is renewable for up to four years. Students can apply to King’s for free at