How Summit Impacts Your Future

By: Scott Northway, V.P. of Programs

How would you answer questions like, “So, what are you doing this summer? Better yet, how are you getting ready for what’s after high school? How do you know that you’ll be ready? How will you pay for college?” These direct questions can be answered with enthusiasm, uncertainty, or an eye-roll.

Students, we get it—with rising costs of tuition at +275% since 1985, increasing college debt with an average payback amount of $1,000 per month after graduation, and an unknown economic future, making the decision to attend college or a university is tough. You want to be successful and make a difference, so you have to be sure. You really need to think this through and you need help.

As summer approaches, you look forward to that summer job (cha-ching), gaining valuable work experience, adding to your resume, hanging with friends, visiting colleges, and dreaming about post-high school options—all of which should reward you with a successful future. Right? So much competes for your hearts and minds. Then there’s the added complexity of stress, expectations, questions, uncertainties, and missed opportunities to build memories with your friends. The pressure from the culture can just seem overwhelming with no way out.

But what if you could make your financial, educational, and future planning burdens fade away in just two weeks, all while strengthening your faith, understanding how to live out a biblical worldview, and developing lifetime friendships with like-hearted and like-minded peers?

We understand what you are facing. The digital experience is your world and the pace of life quickens each year. The mounting pressures to succeed and plan wisely to make the best decisions for your future are critical. Every move you make matters.

Summit Ministries is here to help. We understand your situation and we know all too well how expensive college can be. So, we did something. Something that will change the trajectory of your life. This change will not only give you the best understanding of cultural tactics and worldview training, but it will also help ease the financial load of attending college!

Attending Summit for two weeks lowers your future costs. The Summit team went to bat for you by partnering with some of the best Christian colleges and universities across the country so that you can become eligible to apply for scholarships just for graduating from Summit’s 12-day Student Conference.

Before coming to Summit, you worry about finances, friendships, and future plans. When you make the decision to invest only two-weeks of your summer at Summit you will open a window to more opportunities for your future than you could possibly imagine:

  • Equipped with knowledge and strengthened faith
  • Encouraged by a new group of like-minded friends and mentors
  • Educated about new colleges and universities grounded in a Christian worldview
  • Empowered to apply to college with scholarships and college credit
  • Elated that you made the decision to become part of the Summit family, with lifetime benefits

Summit Ministries offers two-week worldview conferences that prepare believers to vigorously articulate biblical truth and curb the influence of false worldviews. College is hard, but two-weeks at a Summit’s Student Conference gives students the tools and training to meaningfully influence their campus culture.