Flying Rubber Chickens: Community at Summit

By: Nico, Summer Staff

DUUUUDESSSS! LADIES! While most sporting events commence with a whistle, we at Summit Pennsylvania have a little different way of kicking off activities. A staffer, usually the one possessing the truly-underrated spiritual gift of the incredibly loud voice, divides students by gender into two lines facing each other. All begin to clap rhythmically to the Bee Jees classic “Staying Alive” while the staffer would move down the line, pointing at each person in beat and calling out their team number. Teams quickly brainstorm team names ranging from Crunchy Pudding to Squishy Broccoli. And with that, activity time begins!

Truth and relationships play a critical role at Summit. While multiple lectures a day provide a solid chunk of the truth in the daily life of a Summit student, activities similarly provide a healthy dose of relationship. Competing, chatting, and simply laughing at the bizarre sports brings the Summit community together. Some days we play ultimate chicken golf, a game resembling ultimate frisbee with the notable absence of frisbee and its similarly notable replacement of rubber chickens. As a normal ultimate frisbee nerd, I can honestly say that catching a flying rubber chicken is far more rewarding than any frisbee I have ever caught. Another favorite is adventure ball, a “multi-faceted athletic festivity that combines color, sweat and occasional heart palpitation in a grand celebration of community”. Imagine capture the flag meets the ball pit at your local fast-food restaurant.

And of course, no story about activities time at Summit PA would be complete without Ron’s Mega Relay. While this classic, cherished, beloved, what-have-you event remains shrouded in mystery for students until the day of, I will remove part of the shroud and say that it involved teamwork, pies, jokes, and much more. All in all, the hour and a half of activates time does not only let students stretch their legs in the beautiful outdoors, but it also provides an incredible opportunity to participate in an amazing Christian community.

Furthermore, activity time is not solely for the “athletic”. While the games’ rules make a world of difference in leveling the playing field (unless you are the rare student whose life experiences somehow trained you in the art of throwing rubber chickens), students are free after the initial period to break out card games in the grass or simply hammock in the shade. The goal is joy and fun within the community, and activities time provides an opportunity for all to achieve that.

Most importantly, activities at Summit stand as a powerful example of fun within community. As I go into my third year at a secular college, I see too often my generation searching for entertainment on our phones, isolated from others. Or, we fall into the mental trap that “real fun” only comes from drugs, alcohol, or some other means.  Activities at Summit reminds us that neither is true. There is amazing value, joy, and fun to be had within a Christian community independent of any of the things we hear are required to entertain ourselves. As we run, laugh, and play, we stand firm in this belief. It’s just awesome how standing firm doesn’t mean standing still.