Colson Fellowship Program & Summit Ministries

Summit Ministries and the Colson Fellows Program have partnered together to help equip parents and students of all ages to learn about a Christian worldview.

The Colson Fellows Program is an intensive, 10-month commitment. The program will equip you to be a catalyst for God’s redemption in this cultural moment, wherever and whoever you are. Change starts with one committed, informed individual. Their perfectly curated curriculum is designed to mobilize you with a sharpened Christian worldview and biblical knowledge.

Summit believes the Colson Fellows Program to be the premier Christian worldview training program for adults. Summit Student Conference alumni and their parents qualify for a 10% discount to the tuition cost for the Colson Fellows Program. (Cannot be combined with any other discounts).

And the Colson Fellows program believes the Summit Student Conferences to be the premier training program for students and as such, Colson Fellows alumni can receive an additional $200 off the cost of tuition for their children to attend a Summit Student Conference. This offer can be combined with the Early Bird Discount. (Cannot be combined with any other discount offer.)

Learn more about the Colson Fellows Program by following this link, click here.