Zach Jones – Staff

Summit Student Conference Zach Jones 2015 Colorado StaffIf you asked me to describe my time so far staffing with Summit Ministries, I would be hard pressed to give you a coherent answer in a few short sentences. That’s because my experience at the Summit has been worth much more than that. God’s grace to students and staff, and even to the hippies busking on the streets of Manitou Springs has been evident since the moment I arrived.

Having staffed with other student-oriented Christian worldview ministries, I came to Summit believing that my experience leading small groups and staffing events could carry me through the summer.

I was dead wrong.

Ministry staff and other summer staffers have pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone and give everything I’ve got. Staff is taught to love and serve students well, and most importantly, to put Christ first in all things.

During staff training, Andrew Winchell encouraged the staff to “take the students back to scripture” as much as possible, rather than giving advice and answering questions on our own wisdom. I have seen the wisdom of that statement more than once over the last week of living in community with Session 5 students.

Students arrived Sunday afternoon, energetic and ready to learn. The caliber of the students I’ve met has simply blown me away. Seventeen to twenty-one year olds don’t usually want to discuss spiritual life, politics, or ideas. My small group, however, voluntarily brings up topics such as how to confront friends living in sin and the ethics of environmental activism. Students even spend their own money at a fundraising auction benefitting Save the Storks, an organization that provides support to pregnancy resource centers.

I strongly encourage any college student who wants to improve his or her leadership skills, as well as meet some incredible students, to consider staffing with Summit in the future. I have been challenged and stretched in ways that I didn’t expect.

Staffing with Summit has been humbling, yet also rewarding. And I wouldn’t want it to be any other way.