William Sera (Session 6)

Student Conference William Sera 2016 Colorado Session 6McKinney, TX | 18 years old

I heard about this wonderful program thanks to Mike Adams, when he, J. Warner Wallace, and Frank Turek spoke at my church in Allen, Texas. Going through high school is an interesting experience for all teenagers to say the least. For me, it was in a Christian homeschool co-op among like-minded individuals. In this environment, I learned how the Word of God made us strong. I was never really tested though, which made me curious how well I would really do if someone were to challenge my faith. After the apologetics conference at my church, I felt it was a wise step in the right direction.

While attending Summit, I have been pleasantly surprised by the sense of community from the staff as well as the other attendees. It makes me feel a certain openness from a plethora of lives.

Previously I mentioned attending a church in Allen, Texas. What I did not mention is that although I find it to be a solid church with wonderful people, I struggle to find a feeling of community, which I have been in search of for some time. I’ve tried to reach out at youth groups and to others there, but I always get this feeling of exclusion.

If you are deliberating about whether or not you should come to Summit Ministries, ask yourself the following: Are you about to enter college and have questions that you want answered? Do you want to build bonds with fellow Christians? Would you like to be able to freely speak without the worry of losing friends or loved ones? If you said “yes” to any of these, I recommend you apply.