Titus Lamb (Session 3)

Summit Student Conference Titus Lamb 2015 Colorado Session 3One unique aspect of Summit Ministries is the staff. The staff is very friendly and have an excellent balance of humor and adherence to the rules. The staff members love to have a good time and are approachable, yet at the same time, they are equally uncompromising when it comes to the established rules.

Another thing that sets Summit Ministries apart from other organizations is the applications for acceptance, which is required to attend Summit. It is extraordinarily thorough and through because only those who truly desire to attend actually come.

This creates an atmosphere filled with people who tend to a situation and takes down many of the barriers that ordinarily hinder friendships from taking off. All of this allows students to bond well and feel safe and even at home among their fellow students.

One issue that was resolved for me during my stay at Summit was the issue of American exceptionalism which was addressed by Del Tacket. He clearly laid out well-supported facts that showed that America truly is exceptional because it was founded on morality and religion by godly men. However, these two pillars upon which this great nation was founded have been widely rejected by our nation today and is sure to stumble if we do not reaffirm our roots. The teaching of Del Tacket have greatly strengthened my knowledge of this topic and have also encouraged me to speak out about this issue with greater boldness.