Shady Thabet (Session 6)

Summit Student Conference Shady Thabet 2014 Colorado Session 6I traveled all the way from Egypt just to attend Summit Ministries. In the beginning I thought it would be very hard to keep up with the speakers since English isn’t my first language. I turned out to be wrong; the speakers are so professional and personable that they could deliver their message to anyone. It was very surprising to me that I didn’t have any trouble understanding the lectures.

The most interesting topic for me was learning about Islam. As I’m an Egyptian, it is a very important topic for me to know about. Abdu Murray was so professional in the way he delivered his message. He really impacted me a lot, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from him in the Open Forums.

I’m very lucky that I’ve got the opportunity to travel all the way from Egypt to attend Summit Ministries.