Seth Carmody (Session 5)

Summit Student Conference Seth Carmody 2014 Colorado Session 5

It would be impossible to sum it up in one word. No pun intended; thanks Mike Adams. Roughly two hundred new people. Fourteen days away from home. Seventy plus hours of classroom lectures. Up to six roommates, who could quite possibly be messier than me, all crammed into one small room. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about coming to Summit. I was excited about the content, but I was anxious about the other pieces of the experience. What if I can’t understand what the speaker is saying? What if I really do get stuck with roommates who don’t take showers? Two hours after stepping onto the front porch of the Summit hotel, the thick, cloudy blanket of nervousness quickly whisked away or maybe it was just the dry, arid air which doesn’t exist back home in Tennessee. Either way, it vanished. I had no idea what was in store for me.

In retrospect, I was in store for an experience like none other. In fact, my experience at Summit has radically changed the way I think, strengthened my relationships, and given me the foundation to defend the Christian faith, which may then be used as a means to glorify God.

If I were to sum up the speakers and lectures in just a few words, I would choose diverse, scholarly, and thought-provoking. All the speakers are incredibly engaging, humble, and well a versed in their logic and rationale. A few of my favorites include Dr. Myers, Scott Klusendorf, and John Stonestreet, as their brevity and clarity have shed light upon grey-areas which now seem clear as day. The content is phenomenal; however, this is not the only area of the Summit experience which possesses the attribute of awesomeness, in fact, this is just a small piece of the bigger picture.


This is how I would describe the community here at Summit. Everyone here is incredibly mature. The standards are high and this forces you to be mature in order to excel. While the rules are strict, there is plenty of room for fun with friends. I have made some incredible friendships. Philip, Nick, Willow, Christy, Natalie, the list of new friends goes on. The friendships built here won’t end when the session closes. In fact, this is just the beginning. These friendships will last much longer. Nothing is more uplifting than being in a positive environment surrounded by peers who share the same goal: to be better equipped to defend the Christian faith.

Additionally, I think my favorite experience so far has been small groups. As men, we seek guidance in role models and other peers for advice, wisdom, and encouragement. I could not have been more blessed with the guys in my small group as well as Matt Shervheim, my small group leader, who is amazing, encouraging, and the Christian man exemplified.

The small group topics of our discussions are never set in stone. Some have ranged from what the Christian walk looks like, what are goals in life are, and how and what a Biblical, Christ-centered view of relationships looks like.

In retrospect, it may be possible to sum up Summit in one word: a blessing. 

Summit Ministries has laid the foundation for my Christian faith to rest upon in a world which aims to coerce Christians into building their houses upon cultural, secular quicksand, which will quickly devour all who attempt to construct upon it.

Summit has been an incredible blessing in my life and has equipped me with the tools to fulfill my career, which is not to be a doctor, make money, and raise a family. My career is to ultimately glorify God.

“God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” – John Piper. This conference has given me the tools to accomplish this and also given me the right direction to follow in order to do so.

Maybe summing it all up in one word is too ambitious. Rather, to sum it up in four words, “Thank you, Summit Ministries.”