Sarah Keith (Session 5)

Student Conference Sarah Keith 2016 CO Session 5Vero Beach, Florida | 17 years old

Not too long ago, I remember looking over the news and I was reminded why I never do. The headlines declared terrible, depressing stories of terrorist attacks, perverse sexuality, abortion, racism, reasons each of the political candidates would destroy America, and the decline of my own generation. How was I supposed to respond in a God-honoring way? I didn’t know the answer, so I ignored it. That was probably one of the worst things I could have done.

I’ve lived under the “buckle of the bible belt” for my entire life, but I never realized how much I was letting different worldviews influence my life, primarily through books and movies. John Stonestreet addressed this in his presentation “Amusing Ourselves to Death.” He and Steve Greisen encouraged us to never turn our minds off to the messages portrayed in media, or else we wouldn’t be able to stop them from influencing our thoughts and actions.

Surrounded by the same red mountains that my dad saw when he was my age, I’ve begun to learn tactics, cases, and skills to aid me in my newfound quest for Truth. Every lecture has become very valuable to me, and so have my new companions. I’m proud that Summit could be a part of my adventure and I won’t forget my experiences in a hurry.