Rebecca James

Spring Branch, TX | 18 years old

My phone broke on the very first morning. I spilled water on my bed. I caught a cold. I had to take two very cold showers. And I had the best time of my life. These unforgettable past two weeks at Summit Ministries have been a game changer in my life and walk with God, and despite any mishaps, I wouldn’t give them up for the world.

My name is Rebecca James. I am a fresh high school graduate from San Antonio, Texas, who was blessed with the opportunity to travel to the crazy town of Manitou Springs, Colorado, and attend this year’s Summit Student Conference. Before last December, I only vaguely knew about Summit Ministries. It wasn’t until my school, San Antonio Christian School, awarded me the Summit Award for Christian Leadership in my class and offered me a full scholarship to attend this summer that I decided to do more research on Summit Ministries and what my two weeks here would look like. In the weeks approaching Session Two, I alternated back and forth in my excitement for my time at Summit. I often asked if I wanted to spend two full weeks of my already busy summer sitting in a classroom for six hours a day listening to lectures rather than spending time with my friends before we all moved off to college.

Little did I know that after only one day here I would begin looking forward to those hours in the classroom and listening to the most intellectual Christians of our time. In each lecture and Open Forum on Summit’s front porch, I was finding answers to questions I never knew I had. The fire within my soul was being rekindled and inspired to share Christ and His teachings to everyone I meet. Although whitewater rafting, feeding giraffes, and intense games of speed volleyball were definite highlights of my time in Colorado, they were not the best part. The best part was realizing how much I need God in my everyday life. It’s not enough to know the facts and evidence for Christianity, but I realized I needed to work every day toward an emotional relationship with God, so I can follow Him and His ways for the rest of my life.

As I sit once again on Summit’s front porch surrounded by Colorado’s best mountains, I am beyond thankful for these past two weeks. In one sense, the time here has felt like two months and I am ready to go home, but in other, it feels like I stepped off the plane only two days ago, and I can’t imagine saying goodbye to Summit and the friendships I’ve made while I’ve been here. Summit has truly prepared me for my upcoming years at college, and I can’t wait to see where God leads me and what He has planned for my life. In one of his lectures, Jeff Myers shared, “When you’re doing what you’re designed to do, your master can guide you in a whisper.” Now I’m just waiting for God’s whisper.