Rachel K. – Staff

Student Conference Rachel K. 2016 Colorado StaffLos Angeles, CA | 23 years old

I learn through doing. If lucky, I can sometimes learn by observing someone else do it way better than I’d ever dream. With this year’s goal of intentionality in all aspects of my life, I came to be on staff with Summit this summer for selfish reasons. I wanted to learn how to love God well and learn by hopefully doing. If anything, I had a hunch that I’d at least get to observe someone love God better than I could ever think possible.

It is a rare occasion to witness within our society an act of responsibility, selflessness, or sacrifice. Yet I have seen dozens of these “rare moments” within any given minute here at Summit. From scrubbing the burnt rice off the bottom of a pot, to listening to a student talk about the confusion of their heart, I worked along side the most joyful servants. I got what I wanted, I observed people love God through every action of everyday; and yes, the proverbial idea of becoming like those you hang around thankfully rings true.

But I had it all wrong, I still do. I will never love God enough. He doesn’t need my love. He doesn’t need me…He wants me! God made these elaborate designs with me in mind. God thought of me. God thinks of me. God knows my name. The Bible affirms how even our best actions are the equivalent of used menstrual clothes…my best!! What have I learned and why should you staff here? I learned how insignificant I truly am in the scope of eternity; some may call it being humbled. But in my insignificance, I have learned why God loving me is actually way cooler than me loving Him.

If you want to experience God’s love reflected off humans that are trying their best, Summit wants you too.