Nicole Liesmaki (Session 5)

Summit Student Conference Nicole Liesmaki 2014 Colorado Session 5Summit is a place full of real people. Real people, taking real adventures, discussing real challenges and living real life.  Summit Ministries, surrounded by breathtaking mountains in the town of Manitou Springs, surpassed my expectations. I have been so blessed by its intentionality and the challenging, engaging environment. So many opportunities for growth were encouraged and a fun community was formed. Joys, fun and friendship were uniquely fostered with great intellectual challenges, daily responsibility, and intentional growth.

Not only did I get to learn from the intellectual giants in the fields of relevant and pressing current issues, but I was given opportunities to discuss them with other students, ask questions, and feel equipped for the world’s battle of ideas.

I really appreciated seeing that Summit takes three things seriously: The reality of God, the faithful training of Christians and the future of the next generation.

As we came to camp, we all came as weak people, but the Lord was and continues to be faithful. He is providing tools and resources to show his power and fulfill his purposes for and through this generation.  I am so thankful for Summit’s influential part in God’s good plan.

During the two weeks of intense lectures, Summit integrated times to enjoy the spectacular beauties of Colorado.  We have all made lasting memories together as we conquered the mountains, explored nature, laughed, worshiped, sang, and talked.

God has increased my faith and increased my desire to press further and deeper into the riches of His wisdom and goodness. I will continue to pray for the next generation and thank God for Summit’s work in equipping us to live real life, think faithfully and love God fully!