Nela Holmes (Session 7)

Summit Student Conference Nela Holmes 2015 Session 7Iowa | 21 years old

I grew up in the Reformed and Calvinist worldview. My dad, Pastor Doug Holmes (whose been a great spiritual influence in my life), ministers a small non-denominational church in Iowa. During my teen years, I began to question if what I believed in was true. But God, through His mercy and grace, has brought me through trials and storms from which I thought I would never recover.

One Sunday morning, in early February 2015, I saw a brochure of Summit that a church family brought back from a family conference. I was intrigued immediately because I thought this was an opportunity to learn and develop my worldview. Next thing I knew, I was signed up to attend the Session 7, 2015 conference in Manitou Springs, CO.

I came to Summit without knowing a single soul. But by the end of week one, I’ve gotten to know people better, listen to incredible lectures and testimonies, and developed a growing desire to learn apologetics and establish a biblical worldview.

The Lord, through Summit, has brought me to meet different people from all walks of life. To listen, live, and learn from them. I’ll reflect back from my first session at Summit and realize how much it has shaped and changed my outlook of life.

If the Lord wills, I’ll come back to Summit. Maybe as a staff member or attending Summit Semester next Fall, I’m not sure, but I will definitely spread the word about Summit to family, friends, and churches in my area.

Being here I’ve started to develop my own biblical worldview, and that alone is worth coming to Summit.