Michel Collins (Session 1)

Summit Student Conference Michel Collins 2016 Colorado Session 1Denver, Colorado | 17 years old

I heard about Summit from our family friends Jim and Ryan Dobson. They recommended Summit to help with my worldview training. At first, the thought of spending 8 hours in class every day made me want to cry. I would like to say that with persistence, my mother somehow convinced me that Summit would actually be fun. In all honesty, my mother made me come to Summit. I dragged my feet all the way. I was expecting a boring class session and an even more uneventful camp experience. Fortunately, none of my expectations came to fruition.

After the first class session, I realized that Summit was something that I would enjoy. The lectures were exciting and thought provoking. Summit gathers together many prominent Christian experts to discuss today’s hot topics from a Christian worldview. The speakers kept the classroom experience professional and educational while engaging the students. I learned how to defend my faith on and off the campus.

The camp environment was always uplifting. Each student was assigned a small group to encourage them in their walk with Jesus. My faith was challenged in ways that I never imagined. God is working at Summit Ministries. I would unconditionally recommend Summit to any Christian who would like to learn more about their faith and how to defend it.

-A Converted Summit Sceptic