Matthew Sapp (Session 5)

Summit Student Conference Matthew Sapp 2015 Colorado Session 5I’ve come to the obvious (and daunting) realization that I live in a big, big world. A sharp reality, which is starkly defined by the powerful love and majestic wonders within it as well as the acrid taste of injustice that permeates its entire breadth.

Anyone can see that our reality has diametrically opposed concepts in every small sphere of its many facets and any cohesive view of the world must therefore reconcile these seemingly irreconcilable concepts. This challenge proves insurmountable to some life explorers, and this group of people thus concludes that our shared life and universe has no inherent meaning. Others blind themselves to those puzzle pieces of reality that challenge their thinking and shove them under the comforting rug of willful ignorance.

The staff here at Summit, however, are in the business of challenging students to embrace a candid view of the universe, thoroughly examining its intricacies, and logically thinking through the implications of every piece of evidence they find.

Over the course of the past two weeks, I have been challenged to think critically about the world around me; to learn why I believe what I believe and how to properly articulate my conclusions as an effective citizen in the free market of idea exchange in America. The engaging and diverse academic and social culture at Summit fostered a number of conversations that brought the classroom to life for me.

I recognized the truth Solomon penned in one of his proverbs: “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” And as a master craftsman must grind away at a chipped sword to render unto it its due perfection, the challenge and adversity that came from my exposure to all of the major worldviews at Summit caused me to think critically on the truths of Christianity.

This experience at Summit has made me feel that I am capable of taking a biblical stand on current controversial issues in my country’s political, economic, and social climate. Summit Ministries has not merely validated my previously held worldview, but shown me the solid rock of Christianity that makes sense of the universe and started me on a path of continuous education that will undoubtedly lead to further truth.

I’ve connected with the many distinguished speakers on intellectual and emotional levels, particularly J. Warner Wallace, who embarrassed me in front of the class. This was, however, the kindest thing that anyone could have done for me, because it was only through failing and being challenged and vigorously questioned on the evidence for my beliefs that I was lovingly guided to deeper truth. And that was only one speaker! All of the people I’ve met here at Summit have had a unique and lasting impact on my life that I am extremely grateful for. I am thankful to Summit for showing me how to have a mind hungry for the intellectual pursuit of knowledge and truth, and for giving me the network and resources to foster it.

Long love truth!

You can find Matthew on Twitter at @mattwsapp. He enjoys truth, loving others, reading, telling stories, and eating good food.