Matthew Raunikar (Session 3)

Summit Student Conference Matthew Rauniker 2015 Colorado Session 3I heard about Summit Ministries through several members of my church, other students from my school who had attended and enjoyed it a lot, and from my sister who attended last year.

I decided to attend Summit because my parents and sister encouraged me to come as well as other previous Summit graduates. I am also grateful to a successful businessman who values Summit enough to provide scholarships for two students each year, and I am especially honored to be selected as one of those students this year.

At Summit, I was surprised by the highly packed schedule. I wasn’t expecting each day to be practically full from morning till night.  This isn’t a bad thing though; we’ve had so many different fun and exciting activities squeezed in with 60 hours of classes in two weeks. The fact that people at Summit are able to fit so much in such amount of time is by all means impressive, and it always keeps us on our toes.

I had always been a bit unsure how to defend the pro-life argument in a cogent way that wouldn’t be disregarded as just “Christian Bible stuff,” but through different speakers like Scott Klusendorf and Mike Adams, I’ve learned how to present a rational position against abortion and support it with evidence.

I remember when the bus first pulled up to the Summit Ministries I was almost overwhelmed by the seemingly endless number of students at the Summit Colorado Hotel. However, in almost no time at all, I was struck by how friendly and open everyone was. The group as a whole has become pretty tight-knit.

Summit feels like a place of acceptance, where you can talk to any staff member about a problem you’re having or talk to the other students about the topics we’ve learned in class.

While I’ve been here, Summit has felt like a home away from home (albeit fifteen hundred miles away). But in all seriousness, this place has been somewhere where I can be myself, a sinner saved by the grace of God, worship Him, and learn how to fully understand my Christian worldview in all areas of life.