Maddie Krajeski – Staff

Auburn, AL | 20 years old

When I was asked to write a blog about my experience at Summit Ministries, it became hard to put into words the immense impact it has had on my life in just two short months. Coming into the staff for my first time gave me a lot of anxiety and questions. I did not feel qualified. However, I quickly learned that God chooses ordinary people to accomplish the extraordinary. A theme that has been present throughout this summer is the realization that I can choose either to be the Thermostat or Thermometer. Was I going to allow minor setbacks and complications to determine how I would act, or was I going to go above and beyond the expectations and choose joy in every situation?

There is nothing quite like working at Summit Ministries. It is a job with a purpose. Working at any summer camp is demanding, and often the staff serves multiple roles throughout the day which makes for extremely long and draining days. This stretching but the rewarding environment has given me the chance to put my faith into action.

Students come here with unique needs that require us to really listen for direction from the Holy Spirit. What makes Summit such an amazing place to work is the idea that we intertwine truth with a relationship. The students hear the truth every day through lecture, but they see the truth acted out by each staff member. This creates the glue. The way in which we put one foot in front of the other gives worth and value to what the lecturers are trying to communicate day in and day out. As a staffer, I have learned to lean on Christ for wisdom and to watch for moments of opportunity to speak into the student’s lives.

The whole staff team here is unlike anything I have experienced before. Being surrounded by God’s creation, you are immersed in a faith environment where the work of Christ is obvious and essential. When you work, play, eat, sleep, laugh and cry with the same group of people for two months and see them at their best and their worst, you develop friendships that will last long after the summer ends. One thing that stood out to me the most is the intentionality of every single staffer. When someone sees you in the hotel and asks “How are you doing today?” they actually care about the question they just asked. They want to know how you are doing, how they can be praying for you, and in what ways they can encourage you. This is something I have never experienced before coming to Summit. It is also something I will take back to college with me in the fall. It is truly incredible to be a part of a staff team that wants to serve students well and wants to serve one another at each opportunity.

I have been tested, strengthened, and equipped throughout these two months. I am reminded that my life here on this earth is not about me, rather, it is about making disciples and growing together as brothers and sisters in Christ. For this reason, I am joyful in all circumstances and that is why I serve others with compassion and humility. God is working in the hearts of these students in addition to the staff here. This summer will be something that I and the rest of the staffers will all treasure for many years to come.