Keturah Lamb (Session 5)

Summit Student Conference Keturah Lamb 2015 Colorado Session 5Hi! My name is Keturah. I am 19,  I am from Montana, and I just recently came to Summit Ministries.

I first heard of Summit through a lady I work for. At the time I figured I would never be able to afford coming and soon forgot about it.

But then our youth group started talking about Summit and being here. Soon after I read about it in a book called Chucking College by Melanie Ellison.

After that I Googled it!

I really love learning and loved school (I am a homeschool graduate ). I also wanted a better foundation in theology and philosophy and heard Summit provided both of those. So, I decided to come!

Once arriving here, I was so surprised by the wonderful view – and the place we stay at. Summit Ministries is located in an old, beautiful hotel first built in the 1880s. The Hotel sits on top of a hill.

It hasn’t taken long to get used to the place, making new friends, and getting accustomed to the schedule.

Besides the lectures there are activities such as hiking and sports. Manitou Springs is just down the road so when not in lectures, groups of us can go down there to shop and visit the custard shop.

Being at Summit has definitely been a worthwhile experience that I would do again!