Kaylee Fujan – Staff

Summit Student Conference Kaylee Fujan 2015 Colorado StaffSummit has a very special place in my heart. I attended Summit Colorado, Session 7 last year as a student. Through all of the classes, small group time, and crazy fun activities, I learned so much about the Lord and that I could make an impact in the world for Him. The community, wisdom, and training here at Summit has a way of reaching in and turning your world upside down. Coming back this year as staff has opened my eyes and heart to even more amazing things that God is doing through the people of Summit.

Community has been one of the top highlights for me. From the very first day of staff training, everyone was so friendly. Coming from all different backgrounds, states, and even countries seemed like a minor thing. We all bonded really well through our staff hangouts and classes.

I was amazed on the first day of the first session to see how everyone pitched in and helped bring the old Summit Hotel back to life. The students brought questions and excitement and the staff welcomed them with open arms. Getting to know the students was another highlight of the Summit community. We immediately became a family and that was so cool to watch. Throughout the last 5 weeks, we’ve become a family, and as I look towards next week when we all leave, it makes me a little sad.

Summit gives you a taste of what I imagine Heaven will be like: the tight-knit community of Christ followers loving and serving each other all for the glory of the Lord. All the while getting to learn along side one another gaining more knowledge and wisdom.

Wisdom is something at Summit that is very important. With all the lectures, topics and conversations, it can be hard to turn all that into wisdom. It’s been said that Summit is like drinking out of a fire hose, and I couldn’t agree more. Over the span of two weeks, students are given insane amounts of information and it can be overwhelming. Small groups are a great outlet for the students to share and process what they’ve been learning. Having a safe place to talk through their struggles and questions is so valuable. Turning that knowledge into wisdom through the process of community and prayer is amazing. God is so good.

I’ve grown so much just by hearing what the students are learning and it’s encouraging to be a small part of what the Lord is doing in their lives. Just being chosen to walk with these students is a huge honor. The power of the Lord is life changing.

As I sit here writing this, thunder is shaking the hotel as it pours rain. Seeing the mountains covered in rain with lightning zapping through just puts life in perspective. How awesome is it to have a God who is so mighty and powerful and can create rain storms with one hand, yet gentle and loving enough to hold each of us in His other hand. So crazy, but amazing.

Perspective has been another thing I’ve really been learning. The classes and training students and staff receive here are also a big part of what Summit does well.

Hours and hours of classes = a lot of training. With any form of training comes discipline. All the knowledge and wisdom the students learn here helps equip them to go out and share the Gospel. Through teachers like John Stonestreet, Jeff Myers, Mike Adams or Scott Klusendorf, students are hit with some big concepts. Abortion, worldview ideas, homosexuality are just a few. Ideas have consequences.

As staff, it’s so fun getting to see the students take the lessons they’ve learned and go talk about them. Seeing the students apply what they’ve learned is also really special. Being able to see the “light bulb” moment where the idea hits home is why we’re here. To serve them, love them and train them to go share Christ’s love with the world. For me, that’s the best job in the world.

Being a part of Summit has been such a blast. All the friends I’ve made, wisdom I’ve collected and training I’ve been blessed with, I know will carry on for years and years to come.

Whether you are considering attending Summit as a student or staff, it’s the place to be. Summit is a great example of the church. There’s no other place I’d rather be.

Summit is home.