Karah Kinney – Staff

Summit Student Conference Karah Kinney 2015 Colorado StaffTwo years ago, my grandmother raved about this Christian biblical worldview camp that trains young adults. Now understand, to a lost believer that was convinced they were done with Christianity, this sounded horrible. I tried to convince her over and over again I would not be attending the summer camp. Just a few short months later I was on a plane headed to a place that would take up two weeks of my summer. To say my attitude was anything but negative would be a complete lie.

Three days later I found myself falling back into the arms of Jesus. I cannot explain how comforting that embrace was. Why such the change? There are several things that made my experience unbelievable.


All credit for the work at the Summit goes to the Lord. Through the staff and faculty here, it is obvious that Christ is continually at work in their hearts. He has been gracious to Dr. Noebel in providing this hotel and the new renovations, as well protection. Working on Nightwatch, I have experienced God’s protection throughout the night; it is amazing. Being on Staff, I have had the opportunity to listen to what God is doing in the lives of many of the students. Each time I am in awe of God’s faithfulness and love that he has poured out to each student!


An important part of Summit is the community that students experience here. Each student will be placed in a room with 1-7 other roommates. This may be scary to some, but it was one of the most fun experiences here for me! I was able to grow to know my roommates so well and support each other through the two weeks. These girls taught me how fun that loving Jesus could be. Additionally, each student has a small group made up of 4-5 other students of the same gender that is lead by a staff mentor. These small group times are spent sharing about the day, lectures, testimonies, and discussing real life struggles. As a small group leader, I have had the opportunity to get to know some truly wonderful girls and see God work miraculously. Listening to their testaments of faith has only strengthened my own. What has surprised me so much about being a small group leader is I learn so much myself. It is an atmosphere where we can dig deep together as a group and do life together. Students have a one-on-one with their small group leader, where they get to meet, share life, and ask questions. This time is special and provides personal connection. As a staff, I love truly listening to each student and understanding them and getting to know them.  We are not meant to do this life alone. Summit does a wonderful job of creating an atmosphere that creates vulnerability, which creates growth.


Our culture creates broken, hurting people. The way our world is not how God intends us to live. Listening to lectures helps us see clearly and logically what is happening our world today. Because of Summit, I am often able to see the root of the problem and see the truth that the Bible has given us. Summit is a place where no question is out of bounds or too ridiculous. You are challenged to think in a way you may have never before. Although Summit is a fire hose, you will be surprised at how much you retain!

Why Summit?

Summit was the first time I felt God was giving me life instead of taking it away.
I will forever rave of the Summit and how it changed me. I will boast in the Lord’s faithfulness and not because it was through the work of the people but through the presence of God in Summit. His hand is so clearly placed on this place. With the continuation of my brother and more and more students attending the Summit, Gods love and grace are endless. Summit has always pointed me back to the one who created life itself.

Summit is not a mountain-top experience but a life-changing experience that may just move your trajectory slightly. As I continue my journey with the Lord, I continually refocused on the truth and example that I learned at Summit.

Summit has created a passion in my heart for healing the hurt that ravishes our life so often. As a staff, our main focus is the students and their wellbeing. Being able to stand beside students for two weeks (and on) is an experience of a lifetime and truly a joy.