Joshua D’Amato (Session 1)

Student Conference Joshua D'amato 2014 Colorado Session 1I was happy about spending two weeks away from the harsh Texas climate and didn’t give much thought to the way I would spend those two weeks at Summit Ministries.

I first heard of Summit three weeks before my finals from my Mom who said it would be “a great experience and would broaden my thought.” She persuaded me that it would be just two weeks and the rest of the summer could be spent as I choose. Because my mind was on upcoming finals, I agreed half-heartedly. During my first day in Colorado, however, I developed an appreciation for the mild weather and the rolling hills and mountains that make up Colorado’s landscape. Colorado’s clear mountain air and amazing weather have been a total contrast to the blistering Texas summer.

I arrived two days early to Summit while the hotel was still empty of the 170+ students that would soon be arriving. This opened up great opportunities to interact with the staff before the first session would start. Here, I witnessed firsthand the amount of dedication and some of the crucial preparation that the staff went through to get Summit ready to receive students. These Summit staffers are a dedicated group of young individuals that believe they can be witnesses for Christ in our culture.

Along with the great staff, there are some of the most qualified and intelligent speakers on the major issues that face our culture today. So far I have heard John Stonestreet give a lecture on reasons for human existence, Dr. Myers introduce the Christian worldview, and Scott Klusendorf discuss pro-life arguments. I am looking forward to hear Dr. Tackett on American exceptionalism in the upcoming week.

Summit Ministries will definitely teach me and equip me in my faith, and I am really looking forward to it!