Jenny Hartman – Staff

Summit Student Conference Jenny Hartman 2016 Colorado StaffPollock Pines, California | 21 years old

There’s no experience like Summit Student Conferences. It’s a place where people genuinely care about the condition of your heart and soul. It’s a community of people who call themselves to a higher standard and desire excellence in all they do. It’s also a place where grace abides, and God’s love is abundant.

One of the leadership skills I’ve acquired while staffing here is listening to listen. Yes, giving advice as a leader is important, but Summit has taught me to listen instead of giving advice. The world is busy and there is always people talking, it’s very seldom that someone takes the time to listen and actually hear what you have to say. Here at Summit, it’s become a habit to listen well and fully understand what students are saying. Students want to be heard and one of the best ways to show them Jesus is to listen and understand what is in their hearts.

I have never truly experienced the ebb and flow of Christ in my life before Summit. Cultivating relationships requires giving of yourself and then being filled in a way that only Christ can accomplish. I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many incredible young ladies. They have made me realize how life is painful, we all have struggles, and sharing amongst each other is important for growth. Being able to share in a place where there are people near to lead you toward the redeeming work of Christ is incomparable.

As Eric Smith, Summit’s Program Director explained during staff training, Summit is like a spiritual greenhouse. It’s a place where people grow at an increased rate. After being here four weeks, there is nothing truer than that analogy. To be in the middle of God’s beautiful mountains and do life with like-minded people will cultivate spiritual growth like no other place. Come to Summit, it won’t be an experience you regret.