Jed Barber (Session 5)

Summit Student Conference Jed Barber 2016 Colorado Session 5Auburn, IN | 17 years old

As soon as I heard about Summit in the spring of 2015, I knew it was something I had to do. My school uses Understanding the Times curriculum for our senior Bible course and this is how the head of my Bible department learned of the summer Student Conference. He decided that the school should pay for some students to attend. The idea of Summit sounded like the perfect summer camp to me because I’m a giant nerd, but I was too young at the time. Fast forward to the spring of 2016 and I got accepted to receive the scholarship.

I arrived at the hotel and I was instantly bombarded with names, faces, and towns of origin. I never really expected that so many teenagers, the most stereotypically apathetic and unmotivated group of all, would actually come to a place like Summit. What followed was two weeks of Coloradan beauty, excellent fellowship, and unparalleled teaching.

I was especially excited to hear the talks about transgender topics. It is incredibly relevant, as all Summit topics are, and it was an idea that I myself had struggled with. I have learned so much truth and more importantly, I have learned how to effectively communicate. If you are planning on attending Summit, do it. The things you learn here are invaluable. I promise you won’t regret it.