Jacob Walters (Session 6)

Student Conference Jacob Walters 2014 Colorado Session 6I am absolutely loving my time here at Summit! Each day has brought new things to explore and adventures to face, both in the classroom and outside.

I have really enjoyed making new friends who come from all over. Each have a unique story to tell. I know that these friendships will endure, and honestly, have made it feel like home.

While at Summit I have been able to see all sorts of neat places that showcase the beauty of Colorado. From hiking Garden of the Gods and Red Mountain to Rainbow Falls and rafting down the Arkansas River, the handiwork of the Creator speaks volumes if you take the time to look. I particularly enjoyed the Man Hike, as we took off early one morning to hike Red Mountain. At the top, the sunrise was spectacular, and even more enjoyable when combined with donuts and a discussion of what true manhood is. Even the streets of Manitou Springs have shown a different side of life, and I have seen all sorts of interesting sights there.

The classroom is one of my favorite places at Summit, though. I love to listen to what the speakers have to say on all the hottest topics in our culture and even some that are not so common. John Stonestreet, Jeff Myers, Mike Adams, Abdu Murray, Del Tackett, and so many others have delivered incredible talks, and each is an expert in their field.

But I think Dr. Noebel impacted me the most, as I know the impact he has had on the way Summit works. He is such fun to listen to and has a deep understanding of the issues that face our world. His legacy endures here at Summit, and I enjoyed his insights.

I have grown through the multitude of things I have learned and through the different people I have met here at Summit. Every new lesson I learn makes me want to make myself more well-read and well-rounded to face my friends and future and be fully confident no matter what situation I am in.

I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world!