Isabelle Ingalls (Session 2)

Student Conference Isabelle Ingalls 2016 Colorado Session 2Christoval, Texas | 18 years old

When you go home from a camp, everyone always asks, “What was that camp you went to?” One would think, that after two weeks of wrestling with the top issues and theological discussions of our day, this would be an easy question. It’s not. Words seem utterly unable to sum up what Summit Ministries is.

This was my second time attending Summit. We originally heard of it from some friends and speakers. My mother had suggested I attend. While I wasn’t opposed, I wasn’t ecstatic either. That was not so this year. I counted down the days, I packed as early as I could, and I read every single resource or email Summit sent me. Then, finally, the long-awaited day arrived, and I was at Summit Colorado.

But how do I share my experiences with those who haven’t gone? How do I make them feel the quiet happiness of looking out the bus window at green rolling mountains, the cheerful chatter and laughter of your friends ringing out about you? How I can I express the deep smell of hot chocolate, growing cold as you intently focus on the conversation, and opening up the deepest parts of yourself? What can I say about the comradeship, the growth you experience, and thoroughly investigating the intellectual strongholds of the world together? There are a thousand memories that flood into my mind. The times of worship, the endless notes, the games of foose-ball, the deep questions, the Bible studies, the scenery, and the people. I can do none of them justice when I describe them.

All I can suggest is for others to go. Go and learn to defend your faith. Go and delight in the beauties of God’s creation. Go and laugh with new friends; go and worship God at the top of your lungs; go and read every book you can.

What is that camp I went to? It is a place where you think deeply, give hope, and live fully. It is Summit Ministries.