Hannah Miller Wilson (Session 6)

Student Conference Hannah Miller Wilson Session 6 2015I heard about Summit from James Dobson’s Family Life Today. This is my second time at Summit, and I came back to reset my Christian theology. I love discussing books and worldview with the students and speakers. What surprised me about Summit was how friendly everyone is and how easy it is to ask questions.

Most of my questions got answered last time I attended Summit, but a lot of points have been brought up that I had never thought about before, such as how there must be evil when good is absent. I grew up in a Christian home with a large family. I don’t remember when I became a Christian, I just grew up believing. I was bothered, though, with the fact that no one could answer my questions. They didn’t even want to hear them. I started reading C.S. Lewis when I was 15, and it changed the way I thought about Christianity.

I came to Summit when I was 17 and found a whole hotel of kindred spirits. Everyone asked questions and everyone loved answering them. Even if they didn’t know the answers, the teachers would try the best they could and give references for the student to find out themselves. I came back because I loved that!