Haley McCannon (Session 6)

Summit Student Conference Haley McCannon 2014 Colorado Session 6Texas | 18 years old

My expectations when I got to Summit’s Student Conference was that it was going to be just like any typical church camp, reading the Bible, analyzing it, and worshiping the Lord. All of that is great (and necessary), but it is an experience I have had many times before.

However, a couple days into the conference, the lectures started affecting me. I learned answers to questions I have never thought of before, I began to have a better understanding of my faith, and I finally started to learn good defenses against those who have pressed against me and the beliefs I hold most dear. We are now only halfway through the first week, and I never imagined that I would have come this far.

Yes, I know, that sounds incredibly cheesy, but what I have learned from the lectures these few days are ideas, thoughts, and defenses I know would have taken me many years from now to understand. I am so looking forward to experience what the rest of the conference has to offer.