Greg Summers – Youth Pastor

Summit Student Conference Greg Summers 2015 Colorado Youth PastorI just wrapped Summit Colorado, Session 3 with 10 students from my youth ministry. The past two weeks I have been able to sit in on many sessions and connect with my students talking about what they are learning.

As a youth pastor, I have found great value in bringing students to Summit the past four years. Here are 3 reasons I encourage students to attend Summit.

  1. Summit teaches the students who attend how to think. They teach how to ask good questions and define words as they process the hundreds of cultural ideas they face a day. I want my students not to be told what to think but how to think, so their faith can stand up against those cultural ideas.
  2. Summit covers topics like abortion, homosexuality, authenticity of scripture, six major worldviews, gender confusion, creationism, evolution, atheism, and many more. Students are faced with these hot topics everyday and they are learning how develop a worldview based on truth instead of what culture tells them.
  3. Summit influences the students who attended and they in turn affect their youth group, church, and schools. When a student can defend their faith and talk about these cultural ideas with intelligence, they become leaders.  Summit students come back and make a difference in their circles of influence.

As a youth pastor, it is truly a blessing to watch students begin to speak into the cultural ideas of their peers. Youth pastors need to take advantage of the opportunity Summit offers.

While attending this year I also had the opportunity of helping Summit promote an amazing tool they offer called Career Direct. It is a process that helps people discover how God has designed them in order to figure out what major or career they should pursue. I would highly recommend any junior in high school through college student take advantage of this tool.

It is not only a great opportunity for the students I bring but my family also gets to attend with me. We get to enjoy the hiking, sports time, classes, the Summit pool, and all the other fun activities that Colorado and Summit offers. Summit is truly a highlight of the year for my students and family.