Graham Ganahl (Session 7)

Summit Student Conference Graham Ganahl 2014 Colorado Session 7I came to Summit to get my brain washed. I hope you didn’t have a heart attack after reading that, because now I’m going to explain what I mean.

The world is murky, filled with mud and grit — it clogs your mind, gets into your eyes, and dulls your sight making it harder to identify what is true in a field of obscurity. It’s easy to lose focus. The clarity you started with can be obscured by a layer of grime when you live in a world where everyone thinks differently, but few people think that. Over the course of the last year, I’d found that I’d started to lose focus or that I’d forgotten things.

I came back to Summit this year to relearn and remember the great arguments of the faith. I came to learn new things about the world, God, humankind, and my own place in it all.

I came to discuss aspects of reason and Christianity with likeminded people—and, just as importantly, with those who hold beliefs differently than my own. I came to be challenged and to challenge myself- to determine what it is that I truly believe and why. I came to let truth and an abundance of real thinking cleanse my mind of the dirt and the grit and the grime of the world—not by distancing myself from reality, but by becoming more finely attuned to what really means. In short, I came to have my brain washed and thus far, I’ve found it vastly rejuvenating.