Anna Martin (Session 7)

Summit Student Conference Anna Martin 2013 Colorado Session 7I have just spent the last 13 days sitting under the teaching of some incredible professors, theologians, and ministers. I have spent over 70 hours in the classroom learning about everything from technology to creation, from theology to economics, from habits to destiny. I have learned from living men like John Stonestreet that story and identity are inseparable and from dead men like A.W. Tozer that what comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us. I have thought deeply, loved widely, and played heartily. My hand has cramped from the sheer volume of notes I’ve taken, my brain has cramped from the sheer volume of information I’ve learned, and my heart has cramped from the sheer volume of goodbyes I’ve had to say to strangers become dear friends.

Summit is about so much more than information. It’s about training and teaching and loving students in the midst of, arguably, the hardest time of their lives. It’s about reaching their brains in order to inform and impact their hearts. The thing that so many speakers addressed is the fact that we are made in God’s image. God created you and me to be a reflection of Him in this world, to be His hands and feet. That comes with a whole bunch of responsibility but the beautiful thing is that God didn’t make me in His image, give me this knowledge, and drop me on earth to do His work alone. I am not alone. He sent His Holy Spirit to guide, sustain, and help me accomplish being His image bearer.

That’s what I took away from Summit. I am the image bearer of God. I was made in His image, not He in mine. I live in His world, not He in mine. I am a child of God and because of that, I am created to fulfill everything that He has made me to do. “God has placed you in specific places designed by Him to change the world,” Dr. Qureshi told us. That means that because God placed me here, I need to be all here, focused on the work and the people around me. I need to live my life loving the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Part of loving the Lord is loving what He loves, which means I also need to love the people He has placed in my life. Love requires action. Action requires direction. Direction requires purpose. I have purposed to direct my actions in life towards loving God and loving His people. Summit has helped to further equip and guide my heart towards this end.