Eli Graham (Session 2)

Summit Student Conference Eli Graham 2015 Colorado Session 2I walked through the halls of the Summit Hotel for the last time with an assurance that I could “put a stone in someone’s shoe,” as one of our speakers Brett Kunkle put it, in that I could now rise up to become an ambassador for Christ. It truly is amazing how fast two weeks can go by, but I can assure you that is probably one of the most valuable two weeks I’ve spent in my life.

I first heard about Summit through my Grandparents who heard about it from another source. They offered to pay for me to attend, and at the time, I could’ve cared less because I wasn’t sure what Summit exactly was. The only thing I knew a little bit about was that it would help me better understand my faith. That is true; however, I can also say that it is a place where students grow closer to both staff and other students and develop a clear understanding of what the Christian Perspective is on several controversial topics such as homosexuality, abortion, and “if God is so good why is there evil in the world?”.

There are several things that one would come to expect while attending the program at Summit Ministries, like a “lights out” curfew and no girls in the boys hallway and vice a versa. Something I didn’t expect was the treatment of the students as adults. For example, if I wanted to go to town, conquer Red Mountain, or die on the Incline (metaphorically, of course) all I needed was a “buddy.” I suppose it could just be my tolerance of being treated like a child in my school career, but being treated as an adult allowed me to gain more knowledge from the lectures than I previously perceived.

Although Summit has made a significant impact for my future, my past is still quite tainted. My beginnings were as normal as it could be for a child raised in the church. I never did anything seriously “wrong” except for maybe lying on occasion. Slowly and undetected, sin crept into my life and haunted me daily for two years. Everyday felt like a battle that I couldn’t win. Thankfully, by the grace of God, I was delivered from this sin and am now in the process of ridding it from my life by getting into His word and seeking the Lord daily.