Cheryl Kaye Wisner (Session 7)

Summit Student Conference Cheryl Kaye Wisner 2015 Colorado Session 7Derby, Kansas | 21 years old

Summit is one of my favorite places that I have ever been.

In the two years that I have come as a student, I have learned much about what it means to defend my Christian faith as well as how to think through other ideas in the world. I’ve been a part of a loving community at Summit that has encouraged me to grow my knowledge and character.

I had heard about Summit for several years before deciding to come with my brother and a couple of friends in 2014. I was beyond blessed by my experience. I knew I was better equipped to go out into the world and proclaim what is true.

I had an opportunity right away to put my new knowledge into action. I work for an educational pro-life organization called Justice For All. During the last year, I have been to college campuses across the country talking about abortion with college students, and as I speak with students on the important issue of life, I see how their worldviews come into play. I am able to come alongside and share truth with many students in a way I couldn’t do before coming to Summit and it has provided me many opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus.

I came back to Summit again this year because there is still a lot to learn. I’m hungry to know what is true and how to share it with others. Also, the community at Summit is very uplifting. The speakers are willing to pour their knowledge into the students and are eager to answer their questions. The staff and the students inspire me to be more like Jesus and show me what love in action looks like.

Summit has changed my view of God. It’s helped give me a bigger and a more accurate view of who He is. As my view of God has changed, my view of myself and my view of the world changed. It has impacted every aspect of my life in a beautiful way! 

Every student should come to Summit.

If you have questions about Christianity and the world, Summit is a place where the vast majority of them can be answered. If you want to meet people who are on a similar journey as you, Summit is gathering place of young adults searching for what is true. If you want to grow, Summit will help you to learn how to think faithfully and love well.

I will end this post the same way I began it: Summit is one of my favorite places that I have ever been!